Angoy Jack BBQ Sauce

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Proceeds from this sauce will be used to feed the hungry.

Feed the hungry, one person,
one family,
one community at a time.

The Sauce

It's nothing like you have ever tasted before.

14 oz

There’s barbecue sauce, and then there’s the delicious choice: Angoy Jack Barbecue Sauce.

The distinctive taste and tanginess awaken your taste buds and highlights its Caribbean flavors. A variety of tropical notes help create a balance, robust sauce. The combination of flavors with a hint of ginger will quickly transport you to the islands.

This rich sauce is a perfect complement to your favorite choice of beef, pork, chicken or vegetables. Add it to your chicken wings and you’ll have a super-flavorful dish your friends will rave about. Whether it’s weeknight dinner on the grill or a July 4th party with your friends, the bold flavors of Angoy Jack Barbecue Sauce will kick it up a notch. This sauce is versatile and makes a tasty addition to burgers and hot dogs too. Use it as a marinade or as a dipping sauce.

Add to meat or use as a condiment and enjoy; it’s great on anything!

Our bold spices and flavor, which is a wonderful departure from the average American barbecue sauces, will delight anyone in search of unique and high quality BBQ sauce.

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The world's only BBQ sauce that keeps
on giving even after the bottle is empty!


Feed the hungry, one person, one family,
one community at a time.

Angoy Jack Barbecue Sauce is not only incredibly good – it does good.

This one-of-a-kind barbecue sauce is made from locally sourced ingredients and produced locally. Every ingredient in the sauce originates from qualified and/or certified suppliers. We pride ourselves in using only the highest-quality ingredients to create our sauce.

Proceeds from the sale of the sauce help to feed the hungry in our community. Through Kingdom Helps Center, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit we established in 2016, we have fed over 10,000 families in the Phoenix metropolitan area. The pandemic has exponentially increased the demand for our services, especially now with hunger on the rise.

Let’s make a difference together! Buy the world’s only BBQ Sauce that keeps on giving even after the bottle is empty!

Find more information on Kingdom Helps Center.


What you can do

Buy and Enjoy the Angoy Jack BBQ Sauce (Proceeds will be used to feed the hungry.)


We believe that no one should ever go hungry. Everyone, no matter their circumstances, deserves to know where their next meal is coming from. So, we created the most delicious sauce you’ve ever tasted, with rich flavors you’ll want to share with your friends and a rewarding opportunity to support hungry families in the community. For every bottle of Angoy Jack Barbecue Sauce you purchase for yourself, you will be helping to provide at least one day’s meal for a hungry person.

In 2016, Ann and Michael Harper, founders of Angoy Jack, LLC, set out to make the world’s best tasting barbecue sauce. Combining bold flavors from their Caribbean and southern roots, they perfected an old family recipe, bottled it up, and the rest is history. This signature sauce is made from the highest quality, locally sourced ingredients that is carefully selected.

Angoy Jack’s mission is to help end food insecurity and to do it in a way that celebrates love and hope. The data shows that 46 million Americans – 1 in 7 – have used a food bank which translate to 5.4 million people in any given week. Also, 1 in 4 Arizona children goes to bed hungry. That’s a frightening number we would like to change. To date, through Kingdom Helps Center, our 501(c) (3), non-profit, we have fed more than 10,000 families.

Buying a bottle of Angoy Jack Barbecue Sauce is a great way to pay it forward. Make a purchase. Make a difference.

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